Get to know us
Our story

We are a team of research professionals with extensive experience in market research and intelligence. While working with clients over the years, we felt that there is a lot of gap between the market requirements and offerings of major research organizations.

Research reports run into hundreds of pages giving detailed information about a company or market. Little attention is given to the actual needs of the clients. Consumers of these reports need to dig through them to find the needed information. The result is a colossal waste of valuable time.

We changed all this!
researchFOLKS was started with the objective of altering the status quo and providing better value to its customers. All our reports prepared in-house by experienced research analysts. A thorough quality check is done before the reports are made available on our platform.
But guess what?
The superior value we provide to our customers is not limited to the quality of our offerings. All our reports are in the PPT format that makes it easy to consume them. There is no hassle of going through tons and tons of text and numbers to get the required information. Reports made available on our platform are formatted and beautified by experienced designers so that you can directly use them for client meetings.
Our Mission
Enable users to find the most advanced research reports available anywhere on earth.
And we are serious about it!
Our reports feature latest facts, actionable insights, enjoyable UX and the most beautiful market intelligence trends.
Meet Our Founders
Joy B Hans
Founder & CEO
Inquisitiveness and disposition to learn are two factors that facilitate Joy grow on the skilled frontier. He likes what he does for a living and believe in growing by achieving short term targets.
K Parvathi
Founder & COO
Mrs. K Parvathi is an inquisitive individual with a penchant for sales across Americas, Europe, India and Asia Pacific with a keen understanding of different business cultures in those regions.
Why choose researchFOLKS?
We want businesses to get facts, figures and relevant information which they always wanted in format which is easy to understand and use. Ofcourse, it should also not cost a bomb. Our simple strategy is to deliver what market needs and in the format which they need.
You get what you need
No faff and actual Facts
Reports so beautiful, just use them
Real Insights from Real Analysts
Our only motive is to help you win deals
How are we different?
Real Research Facts
Facts and figures are the core of any research report. We have the well researched facts which are quality checked.
Actionable Insights
We take pride in delivering Intelligent Designs and Engaging Experiences for clients all over the World with our research.
Superb Designs
Research never were so beautiful. We take the boring part away from research reports.